Use the /template option with Excel

Discussion is about being able to set the page setup options when converting Excel documents. Because there are a lot of settings, it might be a ...

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When using the /word_field_quick_update option, docs with broken links raise dialogs

The /word_field_quick_update option will attempt to perform an update on all fields in the document prior to making the PDF. However, if the document contains linked items that are not available...

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When /bookmarks is set, Powerpoint files should have a bookmark for each slide

If the /bookmarks option is set, we should use PDFSharp to create bookmarks for each slide

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having issues running officetopdf.exe inside peopelsoft

Running the officetopdf.exe inside peoplesoft program using exec command. When I run it locally I have no issues. When I run it in the actual 4 teir environment it does not work I do believe I ...

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OfficeToPDF not printing when logged off user

Hi, I have created a program that sends a list of files to OfficeToPDF to convert from RTF to PDF. When I run this program as an application, I have no problem. However, I need this program to ...

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unable to convert .eml file to PDF

Hi This utility is not able to convert eml files to PDF. though eml files are similar to outlook message format files any reason why its not able to convert. Also any plan to include eml file...

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Word to PDF with tabel has double contents in some cells

Hi again Found a strange issue, when using translator to create PDF from a .docx document with tabel with value selection on some cells. These cells show up in PDF with the value twiece. Creatin...

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PowerPoint with Macro on load

I have a PowerPoint file with Macro's (*.pptm) which I have modified with the "Custom UI Editor for Microsoft Office" tool, to execute a Macro as soon as the file is opened. I have changed all se...

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/noquit leaves an unresponsive Excel instance behind

Converting an Excel file with the /noquit parameter leaves an unresponsive Excel instance behind. Running without /noquit works just fine. Tested with Office / Excel 2010 only.

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Error when executing application calling from tomcat webapp

Hi, I've got a tomcat with a webapplication that calls the officeToPDF to convert a word document to pdf. The web application creates a new process and it causes and error on WordConverter.cs int...

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